Aug 102012

Early today I was looking for a way to automatically run Disk Cleanup on multiple computers in a domain. I found the /sageset switch which allows you to define the options you want to use in conjunction with /sagerun, but none of the articles mentioned anything about saving the settings for use on multiple computers. Using Regshot 2.0 unicode on Windows XP I determined the settings are saved in:


There is a key for each category and a StateFlags dword value for each configuration made using /sageset. The StateFlags value has a number after it that corresponds to the /sageset number. By exporting a the VolumeCaches key and merging in before running cleanmgr /sagerun, you can easily deploy a Disk Cleanup policy. I won’t have time to thoroughly test this on different machines until Monday, so USE WITH CAUTION.

Dec 032008

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

The Good

  • Tiny
  • No installation required
  • Runs from a single exe
  • Has multiple options for safely cleaning up junk
  • It is made for novices; it won’t delete critical system files
  • It’s fast

The Bad

  • You may accidentally delete some browser settings like cookies and passwords if you aren’t paying attention
Features of the program (as stated by author):
“ATF-Cleaner.exe was once upon a time just my personal temp file cleaner. There became a need for a good temp file cleaner that could do the job safely and without removing files that are crucial to windows, so I decided I’d share it with the public.”
Overall Design & Ease of Use:
Extremely simple interface. Everything is clear, no confusing options, no large lists of files. Simply check boxes for what you want to remove, and tabs with the different options (Firefox, IE, Opera, System). This is the only thing major tech forums recommend as it is so basic and safe.
Overall Opinion of the Program:
Why get those big beefy cleaners like CCleaner, nCleaner, Glary Utilities, even Windows default cleaner, when you can have this tiny program that does it in seconds, safely, and tells you how much you space you saved.
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Version of Reviewed Program: