Aug 262009

Tired of GMail only checking the associated POP accounts every few hours when your waiting for an important email? Lifehacker came up with a great answer! Well, except for the fact it only works with Mac and Automator.

I’ve made an AutoHotkey app that uses sendmail to send an email to your email (GMail) account.

Download the zip file [here] containing all installer.

Extract and run setup.exe

Enter information when the installer asks.

Automail.exe is the main executable and is located in \Windows\Automail.exe

Automail.exe checks automail_config_time.txt to determine how often to send an email. Automail then sends the email and waits (time in automail_config_time) and sends message again. Automail will show up as the GMail logo in the system tray when running. \Windows\gmail.txt stores the message sendmail.exe sends.

This is fully open source and you can use it for what ever you want as long as:
1. You give me and my website credit (link)
2. You cannot sell this for money