Dec 152009

I guess some people have been arriving here from the following search and I thought I’d make a post clearing up some issues.

Format Factory and Handbrake really should not even fall into the same category. FormatFactory is designed for encoding (multiple) files from one format to another with a very simple interface easy for beginners to use. HandBrake is a optimized encoder designed for re-encoding DVDs. HandBrake was designed to use in conjunction with a program such as DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink to backup and convert DVDs from there native MPEG2 (.VOB + .IFO) format into something more usable (formerly an AVI) like an MKV container with AAC audio and the popular HD h.264 codec.

DVD Ripping and Encoding:
AutoGK (a GUI for a set of tools, very old and powerful program)
DVD Decrypter (copies the DVD to the hard drive and removes copy protection, doesn’t change the format)
DVD Shrink (can remove copy protection along with other features of a DVD such as extras and menus)

Converting and Re-encoding:
Format Factory

The first ones would be used to get the movie off the DVD (assuming you own the DVD and are making legal personal backups). The second ones are for possibly converting the file for use with a portable media player, or shrinking the size.

Jun 252009

I checked up on my website at Google Analytics and realized that most visitors end up here by Googling something along the lines of “FormatFactory vs Mediacoder” and end up at the article about Mediacoder or the article about FormatFactory, either really has an comparison. Here is a brief comparison.

Features: Both are about the same here.
Ease of Use: MediaCoder throws down all the settings in one place and offers many advanced options. FormatFactory is better for the run-of-the-mill computer user who wants to convert one file to another format.

If you know a lot about codecs and want to not only change the format of a file, but squeeze out the best size:quality ratio, you should lean toward Mediacoder. I was using MediaCoder for a while, but it is just easier, in my opinion to use FormatFactory. You can read my guides and determine which is easier for yourself.


Super – Audio and Video Conversions (Easier download link)
HandBrake – Mainly for DVDs but works with videos aswell
DVDFlick – Converting video files and burning them to DVDs