Apr 282009

This is another, easier, guide showing you how to convert audio or video files to a different formats.

Difficulty: **** Time: ***
Downloads: Yes
  • Download FormatFactory from there website.
  • Use the "Main Site" download link and install the program.
  • Select the encoding options
    1. Audio
      • Select the encoding options. MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio, Zune), and AAC (iPod) are most common.
      • If you want to change the quality (advanced) you need to change the bit rate. Just click on High Quality at the top.
      • You can now drag and drop the files or use the Add Files dialog. add_audio
      • Click the OK button.
      • You can hit the Options button near the top to change the location of converted files. You can also check the box to make the output location the same place as each input file, which can be helpful. (It’s the very first option you see when you open it, it should be obvious)
      • Once you have everything set up, hit the Start button to start the encoding/converting process.
    2. Video (not completed yet)