Oct 142008

This guide will show you how to convert one format of audio or video file to another format.

Difficulty: **** Time: ***
Downloads: Yes

1. Download MediaCoder – MediaCoder is thee program for audio and video conversion, although some might say SUPER or Format Factory, we’re using MediaCoder. If you don’t feel it’s safe, feel free to browse the source code!

2. Make sure you download the installer, for easiest usage.

3. Install MediaCoder

4. Open MediaCoder and drag the files you want to convert into the main area.

The area to drag your files into is circled in red.

5. Select the Output folder, where you want the converted file to be saved.

Hit the three little dots and a folder selector windows will come up. Browse to and select the folder you want to designate as output.

6a. (Audio) It’s now time to select the options you want in place for the conversion. Here’s where it begins to get a bit complicated.
You need to select the codec that corresponds with the format. So Windows Media Audio for .wma and LAME MP3 for .mp3. If your only doing audio, make sure you go to the video tab and uncheck the enable video box.

If you know what your doing, you can configure the codec of the right.

6v. (Video) So here’s how you do video. It’s actually a bit simpler than audio because it allows you to configure the containers. Go to the video tab. Drop down the container list and select the format you want. For AVI use the codecs Xvid or DivX. H.264 is a high definition codec for mpeg videos. Snow and ?Huffyuv? are lossless codecs, meaning the input quality is the same as the output quality.

7v. Once you have the proper settings for video you can also configure the FPS and cropping/resizing via the tabs.

7. Now you have all your settings configured, you can hit the start button up top to begin the conversion process. An interesting window will popup on the right when you start that has a wealth of information. For videos, a window will open playing the video at the current FPS conversion speed, you can exit out of this if you want.

Oct 142008

Now there’s many ways to do this. Some of these include online converters, programs, and plugins for Word. Please note for the new Word, 2007, you can download a plugin from Microsoft that adds the PDF format under the format menu.

Difficulty: * Time: *
Downloads: Yes

1. Download CutePDF – Free Version

a. Program Info: CutePDF is software that installs like a printer. CutePDF will show up under printers and fax machines. When you try to print from it, it allows you to save a PDF.

2. Install CutePDF

a. Also install the converter it asks if you want during installation.

3. Open the document and attempt to print it.

4. Hit the printer drop down list and select the new CutePDF Printer.

5. Configure the settings like you normally would and hit OK to print.

6. A Dialog box should come up asking for a name and place to save the file. Select the name and place and hit OK.

*7. For large files a box may appear with a progress bar. Just wait while it prints.



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